As a small charity, any fincancial support that we receive is cherished and is always put to good use. Of course, we have some operating costs to cover in the UK, but the vast majority of the donations that we receive are sent directly to our partners in Uganda to facilitate locally led development projects. 

Should you wish to see exatly how we spend your donations, please feel free to review our annual accounts on the Charity Commission website, by following this link. Alternatively, if you have any questions about how your donation will be spent, please feel free to ask us. We would be delighted to tell you.

In order to process our online donations safely and securely, we use Charities Aid Foundation and you can donate to us by clicking on the button below.

Herbert's Legacy.

In March 2017, we were devastated that our dear friend and long term project manager Herbert Niwagaba tragically died in a car accident. 

Herbert was, and continues to be an inspiration for everyone involved in The Zuri Project. His death has broken our hearts and created a chasm that will never be filled. We will be forever indebted to Herbert for everything he has achieved, for every relationship he has built and for every life he has touched. His contribution to the world around him has been immense, he has changed lives, created opportunities and enriched people's futures. 

But above all else, we are eternally grateful. We are grateful to have known a man whose humility, selflessness and compassion knew no bounds. Grateful to have shared some wonderful times, to have laughed together, to have cried together and to have dreamed together. 

It is now our responsibility to build upon Herbert's legacy, to celebrate his remarkable achievements and to be inspired by a man who made the world a better place. May Herbert now rest in peace, assured that together, we made a difference and that he will remain forever in our hearts. 

Our fundraising efforts are dedicated to Herbert's memory.

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