We are The Zuri Project.

And this is our story.

Our values mean everything to us.

We develop trusting, personal relationships with Ugandan organisations in order to carry out our work. Through these relationships, we offer people the opportunity to take control of their own personal and community development. Rooted within all of our projects is a profound respect for people's individualism and vision for their own communities. 

We encourage creativity and co-produce projects that achieve positive outcomes for normal people, in a variety of ways. Crucially, we strive to ensure that every project we deliver is sustainable and as an organisation, we are accountable for the work that we carry out and support. 

Please note, we are in no way associated with the American company that was recently established and now uses The Zuri Project brand. We DO NOT support the projects that they are selling and we never will. To all of our donors and supporters, please rest assured that we remain a charity and we are 100% not for profit. We hope in due course that they will see reason and respect the uniqueness and integrity of our brand and select another name under which to operate. 

The Zuri Project Uganda 

UK registered charity #1160649

36 Wychwood Avenue, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9DG.

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