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All of our project ideas are born in the village of Kihembe, SW Uganda. Alongside our Ugandan partners, Opportunity Africa, we work with people from all walks of life in the village of Kihembe, to identify ways in which we can deliver projects that are desired by the very people that they are designed to support. Below are three case studies of the type of projects that we have supported and/or are currently involved with. 

Kihembe Vocational Secondary School

When we first visited Kihembe, there were five primary schools, but no secondary schools.

In 2015, Ross was introduced to Monica Agaba, the leader of a local village based self-advocacy group called Kihembe Development Association. Their primary project goal was to build the first ever secondary school in their village, and employ local contractors and labourers to do the work. 

After two years of project planning, focus group meetings and fundraising, The Zuri Project provided the funds for the first ever secondary school in Kihembe to be built by a local contractor. As of April 2017, over 100 pupils enrolled for the first term at the school and by March 2018, a further two classrooms will have been added to the site, allowing another 100 students to enrol for year two. 


Kihembe Health 

Meeting Raymond at Kihembe Health Centre inspired us to deliver a very ambitious project.

During our first visit to Kihembe Health Centre in 2015, we were shown around by Raymond, the nurse in charge at the centre. We were shocked to hear that the centre had a very high turnover of staff, due to the fact that Kihembe did not have anywhere to accommodate nurses and doctors who travelled long distances daily to work at the health centre. As a result, the centre often lacked the required staff to stay open, which in turn had a very severe impact on the quality of health care that was provided to the residents of Kihembe.

Therefore, after more project planning and meetings, we fundraised for a staff quarters to be built at the health centre, which would enable the centre to be staffed around the clock by a resident team of health professionals. 



An exciting partnership with Solihull based social enterprise Bora Coffee Co. has enabled us to deliver a coffee focused project in Kihembe.

In Kihembe, coffee is a very important crop and a source of significant income to those that are able to grow it well. As part of our wider objective to incorporate sustainability into all of our projects, funding from Bora has enabled us to plant an extensive coffee plantation at the secondary school site, which we hope will enable the school to generate income in the near future in order to pay for teacher salaries, buy important scholastic materials and also fund the salaries of agricultural officers who will be employed to manage the upkeep of the coffee plantation.  

Our Projects are unique.

By unique, we mean they are not replicated. When we meet with people in Uganda and make plans with our partner organisations, we don't have an agenda. We don't tell people what projects they should develop and we don't encourage them to do things that are not in keeping with their values and their vision for the development of their own community. By facilitating projects that are truly locally led, we have found that people are wholly invested in the project process, and the positive impact that our projects have had on the lives of people in Uganda has been very real indeed. 

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