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Our Projects


Although not prescriptive and wide ranging in practice, our projects can be summarised in three categories as we spend most of our time and resources supporting projects in the three areas outlined below. However, to get a full flavour of the work that we carry out in Kihembe, please see our blog.



Kihembe Community Vocational Secondary School (KVSS) is a project that started in 2015. The government gifted us a large plot of land upon which we built the first ever secondary school in Kihembe. A collaborative effort involving so many local, national and even international stakeholders, the school has two classroom blocks, a kitchen block, a science lab, a water tank, solar power and an extensive garden. We're so proud of what we've achieved but there's a lot more to be done.

Kishunju PS 


We started supporting Kishunju PS back in 2012, before The Zuri Project was an actual organisation. We've helped the school develop in so many ways, building permanent classroom blocks, a kitchen block and cultivating a large vegetable and coffee garden. Our model for community development was initiated at Kishunju and the school is at the heart of our plans for the development of Kihembe in the future.



Since we started in 2015, we've placed an awful lot of emphasis on the importance of building sustainability into our projects. As coffee is widely grown in Kihembe, we decided to focus on our efforts on cultivating coffee plantations across the village that will contribute funds to our development work.It was from our research interests in coffee that Bora Coffee Co. was founded in 2017, and much of our income now comes from some of the profits that Bora Coffee Co. generates in the UK. 

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