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A new kitchen during lockdown

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Just before the nationally enforced lock down due to COVID-19 began, our team in Uganda were busy constructing a new kitchen block at Kishunju Nursery and Primary School.


(The new kitchen block, without a roof, standing next to the old block)

Back at the beginning of March, we held a meeting at Kishunju with the board members of the school, the teaching staff and members of the PTA to listen to their concerns and to learn about their priorities for the school going forward.

The meeting was fruitful and we heard lots of ideas about how the school could be developed. However, there was consensus from all parties regarding the biggest priority – they wanted a new kitchen block and the latrines renovated.

The original kitchen block at Kishunju was actually built as a result of the efforts of Zuri co-founder Martin and Rebecca Kealey. When they were in Uganda on one of their first visits (before Zuri even existed) they helped to construct a kitchen block using local materials.

The parents and teachers were incredibly grateful to Martin & Rebecca for the work carried out and it served as a kitchen block for more than six years. However, in recent times, due mainly to heavy downpours and termites, the building has become increasingly unstable and the stakeholders within the school wanted to make improvements to the building.


(Using the doors and the roof from the previous kitchen helped to save costs and make this project a success)

Therefore, together with Opportunity Africa, we put together a budget to construct a new kitchen, this time using bricks and timber to try and make a more permanent structure. Although our work was slightly disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re delighted to say that the structure has been finished, and once schools are permitted to reopen, the kitchen block will be put to good use.

We were able to recycle the doors and the iron sheets for the roof from the previous structure, which allowed us to complete the project in a cost effective and timely manner.


(The finishing touches were added and the kitchen will be ready to serve the students once the school reopens after the COVID-19 lockdown)

Together with our partners, we’re thrilled that this project was able to be completed, and we hope the new kitchen will serve the needs of the school for many years to come.


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