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Health Centre project: a note of thanks

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As i’m sure you’re aware if you follow us on social media, we recently provided funding to build staff quarters at Kihembe Health Centre, to ensure that the hard working doctors and nurses have somewhere safe and comfortable to stay, so that they can provide vital health care and outreach support to the people of Kihembe. You can read more about this project here & here.

On completion of the project last month, we were privileged to receive a letter of thanks from Chris, one of the staff members at Kihembe Health Centre, which I have shared with you below. Without your financial support this project wouldn’t have been possible, so we thank you once again for your generosity. Here’s what Chris had to say about the new accommodation:

We, the staff at Kihembe HC, extend our sincere appreciation for the financial and spiritual support towards the completion of our staff quarters.

When we were posted at the facility, there was no accommodation for the staff and we slept in the ward in the facility with patients, which was uncomfortable for us. 

The Zuri Project, through Opportunity Africa, worked with our management team to achieve the desired goal of having comfortable and safe quarters for the staff. This has improved the performance and happiness of the staff, as in the past, our doctors and nurses often asked for a transfer to other facilities as there was nowhere for them to stay on site. 

The current staff, who witnessed the quarters being built, are now living on site. They no longer ask for transfers and our performance and the care we provide will improve greatly due to the new accommodation. 

Our pledge as staff is to maintain this partnership with The Zuri Project Uganda and to continue serving the people of the community of Kihembe at large. We will provide quality service and care to all people in the community and we will be accountable and transparent to all stakeholders. 

We extend our sincere thanks to The Zuri Project and Opportunity Africa, and our management team, for working tirelessly to complete the facility. 

God Bless you.

Akatwijuka Chris. 

Staff representative, Kihembe Health Centre II


(Chris outside the new staff quarters)

We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to support this locally led project, and going forward, we’re excited to be planning other ways in which we can support the improvement of the health centre.



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