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In Memory of Bishop Emeritus John Wilson Ntegyerize

Late last week, we were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Bishop Emeritus John Wilson Ntegyerize. Not only was Bishop a wonderful man who showed kindness to everyone he met, but he was also the founding chairman of our Ugandan organisation, Opportunity Africa. When Herbert first introduced me to Bishop John in 2015, I was struck by how humble and approachable he was, given he had held such high office throughout his professional life. As Herbert’s father-in-law, he was only too happy to act as the first chairperson for our Ugandan CBO, and he leant his guidance and expertise to our inexperienced team.

Over the years of working with him, I gained a deep respect for Bishop and thoroughly enjoyed his companionship. His support of our projects in Kihembe is something I will be forever grateful for, as our work wouldn’t have been possible without his guidance.

He leaves behind an incredible legacy as the inaugural Bishop of Kinkiizi Diocese, and has touched countless lives across the district of Kanungu and even further afield. After being one of thousands of attendees at his burial on Saturday, I was struck by the sheer volume of people that turned up to pay their respects.

In addition to his family and friends, in attendance were church dignitaries from across Uganda, as well as present and past political leaders [including former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi], such was the respect that people had for this great leader.

But what struck me most was the fact that so many regular people turned up to say goodbye. In the days since his passing, it seems that everyone has a memorable story to share about Bishop, and it’s a small comfort that the collective memories we have of him are overwhelmingly positive.

He leaves behind his loving wife, Kaka Pamela, as well as his daughters Priscilla, Sarah, Lois, and Sparkle.

All that’s left to say is that everyone at The Zuri Project is so grateful to have known Bishop and to have benefited from his guidance and good-nature over the course of the past six years. It was truly an honour to contribute to his legacy, and we will strive to continue our work in his absence.

Rest well, Bishop.

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